Friday, November 13, 2009

World Cup Qualifying preview; UEFA Playoffs

Four UEFA spots in the 2010 World Cup are up for grabs this week. Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia and Ukraine will be duking it out for the right to spend next June (and possibly July) in South Africa.

Here are the UEFA Playoff matchups, starting on Saturday.

Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Portugal
Game 1 @ Portugal, Saturday.
Game 2 @ Bosnia-Herzegovina, November 18.

France vs. Ireland
Game 1 @ Ireland, Saturday
Game 2 @ France, November 18

Greece vs. Ukraine
Game 1 @ Greece, Saturday
Game 2@ Ukraine, November

Russa vs. Slovenia
Game 1 @ Slovenia, Saturday
Game 2 @ Russia, November 18

Portugal's chance of qualifying for South Africa 2010 have been shaken up with the absence of star midfielder Cirstiano Ronaldo (Ankle) and the fact that Bosnia will host the final leg of the playoff. Still, Portugal is favored to defeat offensive-minded Bosnia.

Despite Ronaldo's absence, look for Portugal to squeak out a tight victory over Bosnia. Also look for France, Russia and the Ukraine to book their spots in the World Cup by next Wednesday.

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